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Thank you so very much.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Quentin b
Sorry there no cash on this site. The person u posted to is my friend she don't have the cash and i don't have the cash.
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Quentin b
Hi my sons birthday is in 3 days I went broke paying bills and this will be his first birthday I just need at a 100$ to throw him something for his birthday I would really appreciate
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littlelacie   in reply to Lfarmer
You are very welcome.
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Thank you so much. Its awesome to read a positive message. It put a smile on my face. Just what i needed. Have a great day and even better Christmas.
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Radiant30   in reply to littlelacie
I sincerely apologize for any insult or offense. Thank you for all the good you do. Have a great day!
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littlelacie   in reply to Radiant30
Thanks-nice talking to you.
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Radiant30   in reply to MaineLife
All we do for Christ will last. No worries...God sees our giving. May God bless you & all your needs be met.
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MaineLife   in reply to Radiant30
Words well said. People are so cruel these days.
All my life i have helped others now thaf i.need help it seems like everyone
has turned away.
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Radiant30   in reply to littlelacie
lol...I have helped several times by giving to others directly on here & often various ways. Actually why are you so defensive? I never used words: 'rude, mean' ...lolz at least not me...maybe those are recollections from others. All I actually stated was you do give facts (as you yourself stated) but not with generous bedside manner. Also, gave you thumbs up on at least giving facts & shared sympathy for deceased mom memory & shared mine. The fact that you ignored all that is kinda proof you are spiritually missing a screw? Just saying... again May God bless.
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littlelacie   in reply to Radiant30
now Radiant-I am not mean,or rude to anyone!ever!what are you talking about?"generous bedside manner" maybe you should not be so quick to criticize others that are trying to help,maybe you could help.
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Radiant30   in reply to littlelacie
I know it's been a year ago...but I imagine the pain of it may be a reminder esp now. My prayers lifted for you. I lost my mom recently (June 2015) I can imagine somewhat. I never had a physical father. May God bless.
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Radiant30   in reply to Lizzd63
In Maryland you can apply for temporary cash assistance while you are awaiting Dissability if you are disabled. Also, do you have a Legal Aide office nearby...they often handle or refer to pro bono for poor folks or financially challenged in such cases & may be able to point you to other resources. I would also look into HUD/affordable housing options/Section 8 based on income. Possibly seek how you can appeal (and get reason) for Medicare bill issue. I certainly would avoid stressing over it & credit. Let it be a medical bill. It's worst things. My prayers lifting for you.
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Radiant30   in reply to tkl1728
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Radiant30   in reply to skky
How are you able to get on the internet? Isn't it costing money?
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Radiant30   in reply to littlelacie
lol...I thought you were the Aide page Administer officer or something. You do give facts but not with a generous bedside manner. But your Christmass post stuff is helpful. Also, I thinks its good to give facts as its useful but maybe w more kindness.
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littlelacie   in reply to irene912
hi.what message,what link?are you thinking of someone else? please check.
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Hi I just got your message can you send me the link
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Hello. Thank you for your friendship. I am still trying to figure this site out. I partly grew up in Amarillo. I live in Springfield, MO now. I miss Texas sometimes.
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